BCA (Bachelor in Computer Application) with

Duration : 3 Years (Semesters : 6)

Eligibility: Any +2 Or 3 Years Polytechnic Diploma

BCA is catering to the need of students aspiring to excel in the field of computers. In India, the computer industry has been growing at the phenomenal rate of 45% per annum; making it amongst the fastest growing sectors of the economy when compared to pure computer science, the number of professionals graduating with specialization in computer application has been on the rise. Once an elite career in the west, today India stands number one among Software Professionals.


BCA graduates need to manage the operational aspects of business and organizational activities founded on computing and communication technology, including the development of new computer based activities.



To develop a sound knowledge in key areas of computer science.

To demonstrate a sound knowledge in key areas of computer science or industrial computing.

To carry out the analysis and synthesis involved in computer systems.

To develop and design software keeping in mind the needs and requirement of the clients, thereby these graduates have ample scope in the customer support department in making the software more viable and easier for the clients to use.

To develop sound practical skills in giving solutions to the computer problems.